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Reid Amos -
President/Director Business Development
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IT Development -

 About, with the goal of "Bringing the power of the Internet to Small Colleges Across America!", has opened for business to serve Collegiate Athletics Departments everywhere.

Thirteen year NCAA Division II Play-By-Play man, Reid Amos, recognized a need for small colleges after years of failing attempts to acquire up-to-date and accurate information from colleges via the Internet for the purpose of game broadcast preparation.  With nearly four years experience in Business Development in the Government Contracting Information Technology arena, Amos theorized that the reason why Small Colleges all too typically have static websites, with minimal dynamically updated information, is that Athletic Departments don't have Web Developers in their Athletic Departments - and that the only 'point-and-click' Web solutions out there are geared toward the Major College marketplace, which are too expensive and too complicated for Small College Athletics budgets. was born.  Working with CityNet, West Virginia's largest Internet Service Provider/Web Developer, an affordable solution has been created to allow functional computer users to manage a very attractive Website entirely through a web browser in a password protected environment.  In layman's terms, you can update and manage all of the information to be displayed on your custom made website from anywhere, using simple entry windows and a few easy to learn commands - all via the web...
As we like to say, "Just Point, Click and Create!"

It might seem too good to be true, but it really is ture.  Fairmont State University has been using this solution at since 2002.  Take a spin, and then contact us for more information.  We have an online demo/training site that will allow you to log-in and find out first hand just how easy our product is to manage! 

There are many more reasons than just an attractive web site at an affordable cost to contact us, here are just a few:

  • Run your website via's revolutionary Web Administration Interface (WAI).  If you are comfortable using just about any form of computer software, then using the WAI is easy.  Manage: Game stories, feature stories, team rosters, team sports pages, menus, links, records statistics, athlete headshots, and more - all in one centralized, password protected web environment.
  • offers an affordable multi-media package - you can stream your game broadcast audio over the net to unlimited listeners for as little as $165.00/month (12 month contract required).
  • By moving your site to, you move to our secure servers on CityNet's network that provides its services via world-class bandwidth.  By providing your visitors with the very best connectivity, rather than slowing down what you serve over your all-too-busy campus network, your visitors are more likely to come back again and again - with no stress on your schools' network
  • By moving your site off of a .edu to a .com, you open the possibility of the creation a new revenue stream.  Have you noticed that all the Division I sites are .com's these days?  This is to take advantage of the tremendous revenue potential that a commercial site provides.  You can easily manage four different forms of optional banner advertising on your new Athletic site.  Just six sponsors at $50.00/month and already you will be making a profit versus your costs to manage your site using services.
  •'s service is a modified tool that is currently in use by a major Division I Athletic Program, specifically tailored to the needs of smaller colleges and universities.  
  • Generate more revenue streams with our custom apparel services through our "Logo Partnership Program" working with Freckles Graphics of West Virginia, Inc.
  • Create other revenue streams with online donations and other e-commerce properties.   

While Division I Programs have realized the power of the net and are making unprecedented ancillary incomes not known to them before, Non-Division I schools have seen the gap grow even more between them.  Wait no longer, there is a tool out there that gives you the power to manage your own top-quality Internet site, while creating a new revenue stream that can provide you with significant income, much greater than your costs.  All for an investment per year less than what most part-time small college athletics coaches' make per season.'s core services are available for just $199.00 per month (plus required hosting fees).

Don't delay.  Give your Sports Information Department the tools it need to meet and exceed the expectations of your Athletic Department, all while creating new, affordable and manageable opportunities you never dreamed possible.  It's all at your fingertips.  For more information, contact us today. or contact Reid Amos, Director Business Development at (304) 366-7649.

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