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June 24, 2024

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Our Revolutionary Web Admin Makes Running an Athletics Site Easy - Just 'Point, Click and Create!' provides a revolutionary web management solution specifically designed to meet the demands of the small college athletic department.  It gives you the power to do what you need to do - and eliminates the complexities of what you don't need (or makes them an optional addition to your site).  

The entire site is managed in a user-friendly point and click environment on the Internet (password protected).  This "Web Administration Interface" (WAI) allows the average computer user the ability (with simple training on a few minor commands and the use of a text editor) to quickly and easily manage what will likely be the best looking website in your conference with the most up-to-date information, that is unless another school in your league uses first.

In other words, if you can use programs as simple to use as say Microsoft Word - and you have the skills to send/receive e-mails, then you have all the necessary capabilities to learn how to run your own site using

Let's take a tour of how the administration works, using a client - Fairmont State College -, as our example.

For a full guided tour -
Reid Amos - (304) 366-7649 or

Quick Tour:

By going to a pre-determined internet address -
you log-in to a password protected environment

After you are logged on...
Manage every aspect of your web in a page like this one
This is an example of "Article Administration"

Every function within the site has a page similar to the "Article Administration"
all administrative pages are accessed from this "point-and-click" left hand table

For a full guided tour or more information -
Reid Amos - (304) 366-7649 or

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